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Accessories are critical components in the Welding world. They play a primary role in the processing of welding activities, cutting & grinding operations, among many others.

Accessories can be grouped into two categories; Consumable & Non-Consumables.

Some of the types of Accessories we currently have in stock include items such as Gas Nozzles, Thoriated Tungsten Rods For TIG Welding, Mild Steel Welding Electrodes, Oxygen, Acetylene & Nitrogen Multi Stage Regulators, Argon Flow Meter Regulator, Stainless Steel ER308L TIG Filler Wire, Pistol Type Gun Lighter, Flow Check Valves, High Pressure Gauges, Drill Bits, Flashback Arrestors For Torch & Regulators, Earth Clamps For Welding Machines and many more others.

Types Of Accessories?

The popular categories of accessories in our stock line include:

  • Abrasives Accessories
  • Cutting & Grinding Accessories
  • Drilling Accessories
  • Sanding Accessories
  • Sawing Accessories
  • Welding Accessories


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