RILAND Welding Machineries is a rectifier that adapts advanced inverter technology.
The welding power source can offer stronger, more concentrated and more stable arc. When stock and work piece get short, its response will be much quicker.
Their welding machines have dynamic characteristics, which can be adjusted specifically to make arc softer or harder. The welding machine has following characteristics:

  • Power saving
  • Compact
  • Stable Arc
  • Good welding pool
  • High no-load voltage
  • Good capacity of force compensation
  • It can weld stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper and other color metal.
  • It can apply to electrode of different specifications and materials, including acidity and alkalinity.
  • It can operate in high altitude.
  • Compact in volume, light in weight, easy to install and operate.

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