Telwin have been a worldwide leader in welding machine, cutting systems and battery chargers for over 45 years.

Situated on all 5 continents, Telwin have access to over 100 markets. With an unmatched product range, Telwin products suit a wide variety of industries.

Telwin provide state-of-the-art, innovative and technologically advanced solutions.
Their products are geared towards improving productivity, optimizing intervention times, minimizing operative costs and always guaranteeing excellent performance.

Since the beginning, Telwin has managed to promote a special relationship with its clients.

Telwin has a range of products that, for variety and richness, has no equal on any market; products tailored to all production fields, from the automotive to industry, from the building sector to shipyards, from all professional divisions to DiY.

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Head Office

Lunga Lunga Plaza
Lunga Lunga Road
4th Floor, Room 8.
Next To Mamba Petrol Station

P.O BOX 115-00507

020 2122233

+254 100 242 151

+254 795 340 517