CATEGORY-Welding Abrasives & Metal Fabrications


In the world of welding, selection of the right Abrasive is a very critical task that goes a long way into maximizing output and reduction of operational costs.
The primary role of abrasives in welding & metal fabrication is the scratching away the surface of materials in order to get rid of unwanted roughness, textures or substances.
Applications of these abrasives are numerous. They include :
1.) Grinding down of metals via cutting sheet metal & notching pipes, all weld grinding, blending welds, dimensioning & shaping.

2.) Blending of surfaces via deburring welds, touch up finishing & polishing.

So, Whether you need an abrasive to cut metals like aluminum, mild steel or stainless steel, trust us to have you covered in all scenarios & at competitive prices.

We have all types of abrasives you will need to grind, blend, cut and finish a wide variety of materials: general purpose, high performance, material-specific abrasives, carbide burrs and much more...

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