About Us

Scadahtech Welding Supplies Ltd is a fast growing company based in Nairobi, Kenya.
We are Retailers in Welding consumables, accessories, machines, power tools, hand tools and general supplies.
Our Services also include Welding Supplies in Kenya, Distribution of Welding Equipment in Kenya and the Sale of Welding Machines in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Mission

At Scadahtech, we aspire to grow at a gradual pace to eventually become a customer-focused supplier of Welding machines and their accessories in Nairobi and other parts of Kenya.

As one of the leading Welding companies in Nairobi, we strive to avail all the latest apparatus and tools that are available in the market-space.

This will enable us to offer a complete set of service ranging from welding technology consultancy, welding process design, welding and cutting equipment, welding automated devices, welding materials and welding accessories.

Our Features

Why Choose Us...


At Scadahtech, We Have A Strict Policy With Regards To The Quality Of The Products We Stock.


We Strive To Have A Wide Range Of Welding Equipment Brands As Well As Safety Products.


We offer the Most Competitive Prices In The Welding Industry All Over East & Central Africa.


Feel Free to Ask For Assistance When Purchasing Or Replacing Any General Supplies.


We are the solution to all your welding needs.

Our products have been widely used in industries such as construction, machinery manufacturing, steel structures, marine engineering, electricity, pipeline, chemical construction, boilers, bridge building and normal manufacture industries, etc.


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Land line: 020 2122233

Mobile line: +254 795 340 517

Hot line: +254 100 242 151


Working Days: Monday - Friday
Daily Hours: 08.00AM - 06.00PM

Saturday : 08.00AM - 04.00PM

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